Welcome to our private apartment!

PLEASE CHECK if the apartment you booked has everything you are expecting. Not all of them have a sauna or whirlpool.

We would kindly like to ask you to let us know about your arrival time when you know it.

Check in time: after 15:00 (3pm)
Check out time: around 10:00 (10am)
Late check in: subjected to additional payment of 10€, if you arrive after 21:30 (9:30pm)

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You can always bring your luggage to our Gami Reception prior to the check-in time and leave it after the checkout. If the apartment will be prepared sooner, upon agreement, you can check in earlier.

You will know you came correctly if you are in front of a big brown building with big stairs. Inside you will find the main reception and the building's security personnel can direct you to our Gami Reception in the atrium of the building or they can help you call us at our number +386 64 253 453. To find our Gami Reception just follow the Gami Ljubljana signs we tagged along the way from the main reception.

IF YOU NEED A TRANSFER FROM THE AIRPORT TO USPlease let us know if you need transport from the airport to us. We can help you arrange it.

IF YOU COME BY CAR If you come after 15:00 (3 pm), you won’t have a problem finding a free parking space in front of the building. In case you come earlier, it might be harder for you to find it. You can park in the Tobacna mesto parking. It is not free, but it is affordable and you can repark in front of the building later.

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- Respect other people and don't make a lot of noise.
- Take care of everything as if it’s yours and always lock the doors behind you.
- Do not move the furniture around.
- Smoking is strictly prohibited!
- Pets are not allowed.
- No parties!


Keep in mind we are there at our Gami Reception available to help you or you can call us on +386 64 253 453.